Real Alternative Investments Rise on a Flood of Easy Money

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

The hunt for real alternative investments is on.

Bitcoin just blew through $19,900 on Monday, putting $20K squarely in sight. The recent move has boosted the top cryptocurrency’s year-to-date gains to a staggering 175%.

Gold bounced sharply higher after testing support near $1,800 an ounce. That extended its performance lead versus the S&P 500 Index on multiple timeframes.

Not coincidentally, the U.S. Dollar Index just sank to its lowest level since May 2018.

And President-elect Joe Biden confirmed that former Federal Reserve Chair and “uber-dove” Janet Yellen would be his Treasury Secretary.

What’s the common thread here?

Investors know a tsunami of easy money and exploding debt is headed their way. And that’s causing them to reach for something ... anything ... to help them safely ride it and even help grow their wealth.

Here’s what could make it an exhilarating ride. Democrats held the House of Representatives. They won the White House. And they’ll effectively take over the Senate if two Georgia runoff elections on Jan. 5 go their way.

Should that happen, Biden’s team would likely roll out an enormous stimulus plan totaling at least $2 trillion — and possibly closer to $3 trillion. That means more money for the jobless. More money for small businesses. More money for state and local governments. More money for everyone!

If the Senate doesn’t flip? Well, we’ll still get a stimulus bill in 2021, though it’ll be somewhat smaller.

Meanwhile, the Fed will compensate for the smaller fiscal package by opening the monetary spigot even wider. That means more easy money for rich asset owners and the folks on Wall Street.

What about further down the road?

Imagine the combination of Yellen at the Treasury ... Jerome Powell at the Fed until February 2022, when his term expires ... then a new Biden nominee for Fed Chair taking over.

That’s a mix of policymakers even more inclined to borrow, spend and print money ‘til kingdom come!

This is why investors are flocking to Bitcoin and other cryptos. This is why they’re pouring money into gold, silver and mining shares.

This is why they’re clamoring for “Safe Money” investments that spin off market-beating income in a world of rock-bottom interest rates as far as the eye can see.

It’s clear that investors who boost their allocations to real alternatives can profit handsomely in the rest of 2020, 2021 and beyond!

That’s why at 2 p.m. Eastern today, Dr. Martin Weiss will host an urgent briefing, New Bitcoin Superboom, detailing how this new money revolution will radically change the face of the global financial markets.   

In less than 45 minutes, he’ll reveal how this amazing new niche has already grown five-fold in size in just the last few months ... why 200-fold growth in this sector is within easy reach … and why 2,000-fold growth is very possible over time. 

Then, he’ll name two investments likely to generate the greatest blow-out profits — the LESS profitable of which could deliver at least 30 times gains within less than two years!

This timely event — which is FREE to our Weiss Ratings readers — starts at 2 p.m. EST. Just click here to watch it then.

Until next time,

Mike Larson

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