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Independent. Unbiased. Accurate. Trusted. Since 1971

For more than 40 years, leading financial institutions, government agencies, consulting firms, insurance companies, universities, financial advisors, portfolio managers, and others have relied on Weiss Ratings.

As the only 100% independent financial rating agency in the U.S., they trust us to provide the accurate ratings, data and analytics needed to make sound financial decisions and thrive in today’s turbulent business climate.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Financial Decision Making

Financial decisions are critical to your business—whether you are choosing the safest and strongest bank, researching the most stable insurance company, evaluating potential investments, benchmarking your own analysis, gauging your company’s performance against industry averages, or reinforcing recommendations to a client—and these decisions should be made with the most accurate, comprehensive information and data available to you.

Weiss Ratings Quality, Accuracy and Scope

Weiss Ratings quality and accuracy are unparalleled in the industry—as confirmed by an independent study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office that found our ratings to be the most accurate among the major rating agencies.

We hold ourselves to higher ethical standards. We do not accept any compensation, advertising or any fees in exchange for our ratings. Nor do we allow any company or institution to see their rating prior to publication, or to suppress publication of their rating.

Therefore, you can always trust our ratings to be objective and based on fact—not on opinion or obligation.

Weiss Ratings also has the broadest coverage of any rating agency. While other rating agencies focus mostly on larger companies that can afford to pay their steep fees, Weiss Ratings covers all companies, large or small, as long as they report sufficient data for us to analyze. This includes nearly all U.S. banks, credit unions and insurance companies, and nearly all U.S.-traded stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.

Your Weiss Ratings Professional account gives you unlimited access to the most comprehensive Safety Ratings and data available—along with highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, tools, including:
  • Continually updated Safety Ratings of 16,000 banks, credit unions and insurance companies, along with:
    • A summary of the institution and major rating criteria
    • Their Weiss Rating history
    • Our Comparison tool giving you the ability to compare up to four companies, side by side
    • An Industry Comparison chart to measure the company against industry averages

  • An unlimited Watchlist—with automatic email alerts to notify you, immediately, when one of your listed companies receives a change in Rating

  • Powerful, fully customizable Screeners that give you a nearly infinite number of ways to quickly and efficiently drill down data

  • Detailed, downloadable, reports you can use for internal analysis and research, or to utilize during client presentations

  • A personal Account Executive to assist you
And because your Weiss Ratings Professional account is “All-Access,” you also have access to regularly updated Investment Ratings and data of 39,000 stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs.

Analysis and Data Mining Made Easy

Weiss Ratings has made it effortless for you to get the information you need, quickly and easily. Our teams work full-time gathering comprehensive banking and insurance information from all 50 states, performing analysis daily.

All you need to do is click to put our ratings and analysis to work for you. Instantly.

Use Your Weiss Ratings Professional Account to…

  • Benchmark your analysis and opinions against the most trusted ratings and analysis available
  • Evaluate potential investments and acquisition targets
  • Manage and mitigate risk
  • Satisfy compliance requirements
  • Assess the safety and stability of financial institutions
  • Gauge your company’s performance against industry averages
  • Strategize and plan for the future
  • Accelerate client decision making
  • Conduct research for business or academics
  • Assist in making credit decisions
  • Perform trend analysis
  • And more

Fair and Affordable Access

It is the mission of Weiss Ratings to empower you with the highest quality advisory information possible. While other rating agencies charge several thousand dollars per year for this level of access, we wanted to make it more cost-effective than ever for you.

So, for a limited time, we’ve priced your One-Year subscription to Weiss Ratings Professional
far below market value, at just $699

This gives you full access to all Weiss safety and investment ratings, along with the accompanying data and analysis.
And this price is locked in for you, as long as you remain a continuous Weiss Ratings Professional subscriber. 


Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s our job, our mission, and our sole purpose, to examine the integrity of financial institutions. It would go against everything we believe to not have integrity in our own business. So you have the security of our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't believe Weiss Ratings Professional provides you with the information and tools you need to make sound, confident, well-informed financial decisions, simply let us know within 30 days, and we’ll cancel your subscription and refund your money.
No questions asked.

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