Post-Election Megatrends: Get on the Cannabis Carousel

Sunday, November 22, 2020

As predicted, the big winner of the Nov. 3 election was ... drumroll, please ... cannabis!

When I interviewed Wealth Megatrends Editor Sean Brodrick a while back, he predicted that marijuana legalization would take place in a number of states. He was right. Only three states are left in this country with zero cannabis laws on the books.

In this special four-minute video segment, Sean predicts that will also soon change, because of popular opinion and sweeping trends.

Right now, the marijuana industry is exploding, and certain cannabis stocks will continue their ascent. There’s also one possibility in the future that the market is already factoring in: federal cannabis regulations.

Sean explains:

Public opinion is behind cannabis ... 70% of the U.S. population is now going to live in a state where they have some kind of access to cannabis; 36%, of Americans consider it among the top five issues.

And so as an investor, you say, ‘I know I’m investing on the right side of this thing.”

Since the election results, people feel more certain that there’ll be some regulatory progress ... maybe not the full legalization, but some. And so they’re starting to price that into the stocks, and we’re starting to see these stocks go higher.

In this insightful video, Sean discusses:

  • How COVID-19 vaccines will affect the skyrocketing trajectory of the cannabis industry.
  • One ETF to buy now, “up 121% since the March low!”
  • The impact of potential federal banking laws on cannabis.

And more!

The information in this brief segment couldn’t be timelier. I suggest you watch it now.

Happy investing!

Jessica Borg 
Financial Anchor 
Wealth Megatrends

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