Health Insurers

The consequences of dealing with a financially strapped health insurance company often go far beyond the potential loss of premium dollars. Consumers depending on a weak insurer can suddenly find themselves with reduced coverage, less access to specialists, and poor customer service as the company cuts costs in an attempt to regain its financial footing.

Likewise, physician groups and hospitals can expect to experience delinquent payments from a troubled health insurer, sometimes giving way to an outright default on their payments. And every employee that becomes dissatisfied with the quality of his or her healthcare magnifies the headaches for employers, especially employee benefits managers.

That's why it is critically important to periodically monitor the financial condition of each health insurer with whom you have a relationship. To that end, the Weiss Ratings product line is designed to help you in your evaluation.

Weiss Ratings tracks the financial safety of more than 1,700 U.S. health insurance companies, including more than 600 HMOs and all Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. We issue the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings based on our analysts' review of publicly available information via a quantitative rating model supplemented by data we collect directly from the companies themselves.

Our easy-to-read one-page report summarizes the important factors behind a company’s rating. Unlimited access to the one-page reports for all rated health insurers puts this valuable information at your fingertips at all times.

The Weiss Financial Strength Ratings have been proven to be the most accurate available from any of the major rating agencies. In fact, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) validated Weiss' superior accuracy in its Insurance Ratings study. So, whether you are a health plan member, an employer, or a healthcare professional, the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings can help you. For more peace of mind, be sure to consult our free list of the strongest and weakest insurance companies in the nation.

For more information about the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings and our products, contact our Customer Hotline at 1-877-934-7778.