Whether you're managing your employer's funds, a client's savings, or simply looking out for your own well-being, Weiss Ratings is the place to turn for identifying the truly safest financial institutions to do business with.

Every quarter, we monitor the financial safety of more than 7,300 U.S. commercial and savings banks and more than 200 bank holding companies worldwide. We then issue the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings based on our quantitative methodology and analysts' review of publicly available information collected by banking and securities regulators.

We are extremely proud of our superior rating methodology and our track record for identifying and warning the public about troubled banks before they fail. So, whether you:

  • are concerned about the safety of your CD or savings account;

  • need to be sure that an existing line of credit will be there when you need it;

  • are responsible for your employer's funds or municipal funds deposited with a local bank;

  • are relying on funding for your international business investments; or
  • simply want to avoid the hassles and uncertainties of dealing with a failing or troubled institution

…the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings can help you. For more peace of mind, be sure to consult our free list of the strongest and weakest banks in the nation. In addition, we encourage you to take advantage of several options to better understand the detail behind the letter rating:

  • One-page report highlighting our review of an institution’s capitalization, profitability, asset quality, liquidity and stability. Available for all domestic banks.

  • Unlimited access to the ratings and one-page reports for all 7,300 rated domestic banks putting this valuable information at your fingertips at all times

  • Our comprehensive Guide to Banks and Thrifts containing ratings and financial data of all 7,300 institutions in a 370-page book. Contact Grey House Publishing to find out more.

A truly relevant guide to the post bailout era
Library Journal – May 2012

For more information about the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings and our products, contact our Customer Hotline at 1-877-934-7778.