Credit Unions

In March 2011, we launched Credit Union Financial Strength Ratings for the first time, utilizing the same superior rating methodology that has enabled us to consistently warn our customers of troubled commercial banks and savings and loans for more than 20 years.¬† Every quarter, we monitor the financial strength of more than 7,500 credit unions nationwide.¬† We then issue the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings based on our analysts’ review of publicly available information collected by the National Credit Union Association.

So, whether you:

  • are escaping the exorbitant fees charged by commercial banks
  • seeking to do your business with a non-profit institution with a customer-centric focus
  • are responsible for your employer’s funds; or
  • are concerned about the safety of your CD or savings account

…the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings can help you. For more peace of mind, be sure to consult our free list of the strongest and weakest credit unions in the nation. In addition, we encourage you to take advantage of these ¬†options to better understand the detail behind the letter rating:

For more information about the Weiss Financial Strength Ratings and our products, contact our Customer Hotline at 1-877-934-7778.