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Simple Steps Can Save Consumers Money on
Auto and Homeowners Insurance, According to Weiss Ratings
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JUPITER, Fla., December 3, 2003 — The most effective way for consumers to save money on auto insurance is to have a safe driving record, while the best way to maintain reasonable homeowners insurance is to avoid filing small claims that could be paid outright, according to Weiss Ratings, Inc., the nation's leading independent provider of ratings and analyses of financial services companies, mutual funds, and stocks.

"Essentially, premium rates reflect consumers' claims history," commented Melissa Gannon, vice president of Weiss Ratings, Inc. "Although it doesn't ensure that rates won't go up, avoiding or at least minimizing the number of claims filed, especially smaller ones that could be paid for out of pocket, is the single most important way for consumers to keep their premiums from rising."

Consumers in the market for either auto or homeowners insurance should consider the following money-saving tips from Weiss Ratings:

For consumers shopping for auto insurance, there are some additional ways to help reduce premiums. Weiss Ratings recommends the following advice:

Likewise, for those specifically in the market for homeowners insurance, Weiss suggests other tips that can help consumers secure the best rates:

To help consumers understand the complexities of auto and homeowners insurance options and coverages, Weiss Ratings offers The Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance and The Consumer Guide to Homeowners Insurance. In addition to money-saving tips, the easy-to-use how-to guides ($39 each) help consumers understand the language of auto and homeowners insurance, the types of coverage available, and state and lender insurance requirements. The reports also address other important topics related to the purchase of auto or homeowners insurance, including:

Weiss issues safety ratings on more than 15,000 financial institutions, including insurance companies, banks, and brokerage firms. Weiss also rates the risk-adjusted performance of more than 12,000 mutual funds and more than 8,000 stocks. Weiss Ratings is the only major rating agency that receives no direct or indirect compensation from the companies it rates for issuing its ratings. Revenues are derived strictly from sales of its products to consumers, institutions, businesses, libraries, and governmental agencies.

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